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Do you get dry, itchy skin and frizzy hair after the shower?

Introducing the Mineral Shower Head: Say goodbye to dry, itchy skin and tangled hair. Experience swift shampoo rinsing and indulge in the luxurious comfort of our spa-inspired showerhead. Elevate your daily routine with mineral-infused water, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after each shower.

Why The Mineral Shower Head?

Hard water, loaded with minerals, strips away your skin's natural oils and leaves your skin feeling rough and ragged.  Our Mineral Shower Head removes impurities and softens hard water, transforming your shower into a hydrating oasis. With three soothing spray settings, revolutionary filtration, and enhanced water pressure, it prioritises sustainability while delivering a spa-like experience.

Benefits Of The Mineral Shower Head

  • Remove 95% Of Impurities From Your Tap Water
  • Better Skin & Hair Instantly
  • Enjoy Powerful Yet Gentle Cleansing
  • Spa-Like Shower Experience
  • Install In Seconds (No Plumbing Required)
  • Built For Aussie Water
  • Australian owned & operated
  • 15,000+ Satisfied Aussie customers
  • Free Shipping Australia-Wide

Our Mineral Shower Head vs Ordinary Shower Head

Better Shower Experience With Least Amount Of Water

The Mineral Shower Head's innovative design boasts a 200% pressure boost, thanks to its 250 laser-cut plate. This translates to a powerful, multi-mode spray that pampers your skin, all while using up to 35% less water. Save on bills, enjoy a spa-like experience even in low-pressure areas, and feel good knowing you're helping the planet - all with a single, eco-friendly upgrade!

Spa-Like Experience At Home

Our Mineral Shower Head water flow delivers a powerful yet gentle multi-mode experience even with the same water pressure. 

  1. Rainfall mode for a full-body soak
  2. Jet mode for a deep clean
  3. Soothing massage mode to pamper your skin – all at the touch of a button!

Better Skin & Hair Instantly

Hard water wreaks havoc on your skin and hair, leading to issues like acne, dryness, and hair loss. Our Mineral Shower Head, equipped with water-softening Germanium stones, combats these problems by softening water and removing impurities.

With its innovative mineral stone filter system, it's the easiest way to enjoy softer, healthier showers while extending the life of your bathroom fixtures.

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1x Mineral Shower Head
1x Mixed Mineral Stones
1x Hose (Free)
1x Shower Head Holder (Free)

Have Questions?
  • Are the mineral beads included with the purchase of the showerhead?

Yes, absolutely. The shower head comes with mineral beads included.
Simply install the shower head and start using it straight away.

  • How often should I change the filtering beads?

You can use the filtering beads until they thin out.
On average their lifespan is about 6-8 months (Depending on usage).